Dr. Heather Hill-Vásquez, Department of English, University of Detroit Mercy


Format Requirements

Writing assignments and handouts not following the requirements below will not be accepted and will lose several points per day (not per class meeting; see syllabus) until the requirements are fulfilled. If you manage to turn in an assignment that does not abide by the following requirements and I discover this after class, I will deduct a select number of points (determined at my discretion) from the final grade for the assignment.

Do not turn in a writing assignment until you have fulfilled all of the following requirements.

1. Typed

2. Double-Spaced* (throughout the entire paper: do not add extra spaces between paragraphs)

3. Standard White Paper

4. Standard Font

5. Black ink only

6. 1 - 11/2 Inch Margins (top, bottom, and sides)

7. Staple All Pages in Upper Left Corner (this includes all copies of handouts distributed to students for presentations;
do not hand out separate pages; instead, prepare and staple each packet before class)**

8. Type in Upper Left Corner:

Your Name or Names of Group Members

Course Name

Dr. Hill-Vásquez

Date (make sure you include the correct and current date)

Note: Do not turn in an essay with a separate cover page.

*Single Spacing may be used on Presentation Handouts

**Alternatively, if you have a two-page Presentation handout, you may "double side" it. Do not "double side" other writing assignments.

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