Olivia Esperanza Hill Vásquez

Activities this Semester: Dancing (Ballet & Jazz); Golf; Swimming

Favorite School Subjects: Spanish; Art; Technology; P.E.

Favorite Books: Ameila Bedelia; Kit Kittredge (American Girl Series); Junie B. Jones; Charlotte's Web

Favorite Movies: Mary Poppins; Alice in Wonderland; A League of Their Own; Road to Bali; The Music Man

Favorite Baseball Team: Detroit Tigers

Favorite Golfer: Annika Sorenstam

Heroes: Mrs. Anderson; My mom; My dad; Mrs. M.

Some of the Places I've Been: Venice; New York City; Florence; Disneyland; Nice; the U.S. Women's Open; Toronto

Places I'd Like to Go: Disneyworld; Texas; the Mississippi River

Places I'd Like to Visit Again: Canada; Florida; San Diego; the U.S. Women's Open; the beach (any beach!)

Favorite Artists: Monet; Seurat (the person who paints dots)

What I'd Like to Do Next Semester: Take piano lessons; Take swimming lessons again

Other Things I Like to Do: Play with my doll Kit (the American Girl); Play playdough; Play with my Mom and Dad; Sleep; Read; Run

What I'd Like to Be When I Grow Up: Artist; Doctor; Veterinarian; Archeologist; Judge; Lawyer

What I want for Christmas 2006: a telescope; a magnifying glass; a jack-in-the-box; a paint set; an alarm clock of my own that my parents can't use; a science kit; an encyclopedia; a big umbrella of my own

Olivia fun facts: the first thing you want to do when you have nothing to do is play; hiccups are like little scissors--they cut off your words.